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Any questions, please ask in "Messages", you can then find answers in” My account>Information>My Enquiries". Please click “Cost” for payment method and total cost.


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Taobao Daigou (Taobao Agent) Procedures:


1Paste the link of selected product and click “Quick Buy”

You can pick up any product on any Chinese online stores like Taobao. You can submit order by clicking ‘Quick Buy’ after pasting product’s link.

*Please correct wrong information such as discount price, domestic shipping etc. Please write in the “Remark” if you have special requirements.


2Top up “Pre-Payment”

You can top up your Pre-Payment through local ATM transfer, local online bank transfer. Please notify us in “Messages” with username, amount, bank and time.


3Make Payment

 You can make payment for first time for product price and domestic shipping after top up.

*Check whether balance is enough if there is an error page.


4Order Processing

Generally we will purchase for you in 12 hours after your payment and update status of orders in real time.

If the product is out of stock, or price varies, or you didn’t specify color or size, we will write in “Remarks”, do come back and view remarks.


5Pay international shipping

 After all your products arrive in Guangzhou, we will repackage for you and notify you the total weight and secondary fee including service fee and international shipping fee you need to pay.


6Receive and review

You will receive the order in about 3-5 working days at your door after delivery, but delay may be caused by weather, custom inspection etc. Please judge our service if your order is totally correct, you can get extra points for detailed judgement. If anything wrong with your order, please contact us ASAP.



1Online customer service working hours 10:00 am to 8:30 pm, you can leave a message in “Messages” during offline hours;

2For transfer, please leave a message in “Messages”, other ways won’t be accepted;

3To improve efficiency, SMS or WhatsApp won’t provide support any more. 

Contact Us:11sgd@vip.163.com;SMS:85950760,011-24041552; QQ:1789411,6446811