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Repackaging is most efficient in saving your international shipping fee. Freight weight is the bigger one between actual weight and volumetric weight. Based on our statistics, about 50% of parcels have bigger volumetric weight than actual weight.


For example:

We buy a pair of shoes, the product has weight of 0.8kg, but volume weight of shoebox is 1.1kg (volume weight =Length (cm) * Width (cm) * Height (cm)/6000).

In this case the 11SGD staff will integrate your packaging; like to remove the shoe box with the customer's permission, so the parcel weight will be less than 1kg, and customers can save 1kg international shipping fee.

Integrated packaging saves you the more and has obvious advantages when a parcel includes more items. Look at our high-density packaging, sandals and clothes are placed tightly in one parcel, plus a protective layer of plastic sheets. As a result, one kilogram of freight is saved for customers.


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