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Custom Related

In order to save your expenses as much as possible, 11SGD will try best to avoid custom tax by reasonable packaging. Despite the parcels are levied with a very low probability, we still cannot guarantee 100% tax-free.  

If your parcel is taxed, you need to pay taxes. Only very few parcels issued by 11SGD are taxed based on our experience.

A parcel will be levied only when it’s cost beyond some limit (like S$40 for Singapore) or it is considered as commercial parcels.

If you can adopt the following recommendations, the probability for your parcel to be levied will be smaller:

1, the parcel should not be too heavy. The parcel weight is the main factor for the Customs to determine whether it belongs to civil or business. Parcels to Malaysia are not allowed to exceed 30kg, temporarily not limit for parcels to Singapore.

2 There should not be too many of a same product in one parcel, for example, 60 pants of the same style and brand.

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