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Latest Notice

the 2013 Mid-Autumn festival holiday notice  (2013/09/17)

9/18~9/20  order  through our website normally,but Don't shipment betwwen 9/18  and 9/20


Important notice about Singapore small parcels (less than 3 kg) (2013/06/15)

To ensure the time and for better services, for parcels to Singapore less than 3kg (except cosmetic) will be sent to Singapore warehouse together and then sent to you separately. You can notify customer service about delivery time (8-12am, 12-5pm, and 5-8pm) and different addresses for weekends and weekdays. Thanks!


Cosmetics line opened from now on (2013/06/15)

11SGD has opened cosmetics (including liquid cosmetics) line (Please note: each cosmetic parcel be less than 3 kg). Freight fee is same as sensitive goods.


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