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Detailed Procedures

Detailed Daigou Procedures (Any question, you can ask in “Enquiry” )

Step 1: Register in www.11sgd.com. If the webpage hasn’t show “register successful”, please wait for a while, or use your register information to login later.

Step 2: Paste URL of any online store products in the top right box and click “Quick Buy”

Step 3: Correct any wrong information such as discount price, domestic shipping fee, and write down your requirements such as size, colour or any special demands in “Remarks”.


Step 4: After “Submit” in last step, you can continue shopping or submit your order in shopping cart. If you choose to continue shopping, remember to click “Quick Buy” for convenience.

Step 5: You can submit your order after you put all products in shopping cart. If you have enough balance, you will submit successfully after clicking “Checkout”, and 11SGD will purchase for you. Otherwise, you will need to top up your prepay account. Please notify us ASAP after transferring to our account by DBS/POSB/OCBC/CITIBANK/MAYBANK (Malaysia), we will top up your prepay account with exchange rate of that day. You can notify us by SMS, email, or “Enquiry” or instant message tools.

Step 6: After all your orders have arrived in our warehouse, order status will change to “In Warehouse” and you can package your orders. Please note that, you need to click “In warehouse” (In the row of “All”, “Waiting” … “In Warehouse”) to see packaging options. Please choose shipping area and method, and write down your address (Daytime address preferred). 

Step 7: 11SGD will ship your orders ASAP (Normally same day as you package). You can login to check package status, or leave a message in “Enquiry”. Please write your review of our service, your reviews are quite valuable to us.


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