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Refund & Return

Wrong or damaged items

In such cases, please take a photo of goods and send photo and description to admin@11sgd.com, we will response and compensate ASAP.


Quality issues after usage

If you encounter quality issues after usage, as long as it is in warranty period with warranty cards etc. 11SGD can help you to contact with sellers to get refund/ return.

For goods which are qualified for refund/ return, 11SGD will help customers ship goods to China, and ship repaired goods back.

11SGD doesn't charge any service fee for refund/ return, but customers need to afford shipping fee.


Unacceptable cases

In following cases, 11SGD will not accept refund/ return:

A. Goods have been replaced or with missing parts;
B. Vitual goods;
C. Goods with no warranty card;

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