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Cash Back for Recommending a friend

Dear 11SGD members, if you feel comfortable about our service, can you please recommend 11SGD to your friends? We know some 11SGD members have already done that, and we really appreciate those cute members a lot. All members who recommend a friend can get some cash back after the friend place an order on 11sgd.com. FYI, following are the rules:


1. Members who recommend a friend can get 25RMB after the friend has placed order on 11sgd.com successfully, the only thing you need to do is to send your friend’s username and registration time to vip@11sgd.com;


2.For members who have recommended friends previously, please also send username and registration time of your friend to vip@11sgd.com, we will top up 30RMB to your account. Please kindly note that the recommender must register earlier than his friend. Emails should be sent by 2012/11/18, and 11SGD will check and top up by 2012/11/20;


3.For members who recommend friends from now on, we will check and top up in 3 days.

Contact Us:11sgd@vip.163.com;SMS:85950760,011-24041552; QQ:1789411,6446811