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The Differences of 11SGD.com

Thanks for every member's support and help during the past year; without your support we couldn’t get better and better.

As a member of taobao agent service provider, we always think about advantages of 11SGD.com and the difference between 11SGD.com and other Daigou companies. Why our members choose and stay in 11SGD.com? We suppose that the most important reason is that we do everything with our heart and regard members' needs as our own.

Let’s see what we are doing for our members:

1.-We are trying our best to save customer's money. We will reduce volume weight through parcel's integration and remind customer whether they keep the Shoebox and drop unnecessary pack of parcels. For hollow goods, we will fill it with clothes, decoration and accessories to make full use of space of box and make it as small as possible. In order to save money, we choose the suitable carton for every customer’s parcels; wasting the space of cartons is not allowed.

2-We always provide adequate protection and 100% guaranteed service. For example, a customer (a seller in Malaysia) bought a breast pump through our company, when she received it; the Packing box was broken, and made it difficult to sell.  We bought a new set, and delivered the Packing box to her. During the past year when the goods are damaged or lost, 100% customers got satisfactory compensation accordingly.

3-We provide best service but there's no service fee and hidden fees. If you don't understand the process of Daigou, don’t worry and feel free contact our online customer service; he will give you detailed explanations till you understand it totally. By the way, He is a very humorous and patient man and work from 10:30 am to 11:00 pm and sometimes even 12:00 pm. If you received wrong goods, please don't worry and contact our after-sale service through email and you can contact online customer service also. We will solve the problem for you ASAP. We pay much time for checking goods' size, color, style and obvious defects seriously, it's very time consuming. In the contrast, some other Daigou companies don't provide the inspection service, however, their customers need to pay service fee. Under our estimation, more than 5% of the orders can be wrong for the seller's negligence; this means the probability of receiving wrong goods when buy in 10 shops was about 40%. Though us you only pay goods fee, Domestic and international freight and receive the goods what you want to buy.

4-Quick service and response. 11SGD online customer service works from 10:30 to about 23:30 every day. When you order before 22:00, we will process orders at the same day; if you order in the morning or noon, we will try to make sellers deliver goods the same day; if you pay the freight even late as 10:30 pm, we still try to deliver your parcel at the same day, always do our best to save your time.

5-We will Continue to improve. Customer's satisfaction is our biggest motivation. Thank you!

                                      11SGD.com All the staff


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